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Mansfield Designs Fine & Custom Jewelry
Founded in 1995, as a part time jewelry repair shop for the local jewelry trade. We started with fine jewelry repair, we soon added fabrication facilities, then offered design. After several years of servicing the jewelry industry behind the scenes we joined the retail market with a full service jewelry store. Most of our clients are still in the jewelry business, but we are establishing a greater customer base in the Arizona area and now thanks to the Internet all over the world.

Founded by Sam Almada, Designer / Goldsmith / Diamond Setter. Almada touched upon several industries on his way to finding his true calling as a jewelry designer and goldsmith. His choice of quality materials and attention to detail has won him the trust and confidence of his fellow jewelers and praises from his customers.  

Custom Jewelry Design
Designing with a CAD (computer-aided design) system opens a world of possibilities for our jewelry designers. Modeling, prototyping and completed original jewelry designs are more accurate then ever before. Designs can have very intricate details, initials or logos along with diamonds and gemstones. Production time is also shorter, once you approve the design we will complete your original design in as little as seven to ten working days.
We specialize in design and fabrication of custom jewelry , hand crafted original one of kind diamond and gemstone jewelry. Our custom fabrication department will help you create a one of a kind heirloom piece. All we need from you is a little imagination. Contact us with your ideas, sketches, diamond or gemstone preference. Well provide you with better pricing and superior craftsmanship.

We supply diamonds any cut, color, clarity and weight you might desire. We offer a large variety of semi-custom mounting for rings, earrings and pendants. Available in different sizes and carat weight as well as diamonds in different color and clarity. We can use your existing jewelry or center diamond to create a new and exiting piece.


Our Jewelry Websites
We offer a variety of products and services in the internet, with several venues. We work with and We also feature a few stores and information websites. - Fine and Custom Jewelry.

ebay store - Moissanite Jewelry and loose Moissanite gemstones.

Amazon store - Jewelry & Watches or anything under the sun or stars. - Moissanite education, history & resources. - Jewelry Repair, Restoration, designs & fabrication.

Mansfield Designs & Hosting
Our Internet marketing efforts have led us to develop a team of website designers, SEO specialist and programmers. We now offer our in house web designs services for websites, web pages, e-commerce stores, logo design and animations. We also offer advertising, S.E.O., link building, hosting and promotions trough a network of dozens of marketing websites as well as a dozen high trafficked networking websites.  Providing our customers with a high traffic forum for new sales is our goal. - Complete Web Services - Promotional Web pages, links and advertisements.


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CAD CAM Jewelry Design and fabrication by Mansfield Designs Fine & Custom Jewelry

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