Mansfield Designs eBay store under new management

Congratulations! It's your eBay 10-year anniversary

Our Mansfield Designs eBay store has been sold!
Mansfield Designs eBay store is for sale!ebay's store sold:  Mansfield Designs established since 9/26/2002

At Mansfield Designs eBay store we are dedicated to providing you with the best quality for your money. We carry a wide selection of diamond, moissanite and gemstone jewelry. Established since Aug. 26, 2002 with "1545 feedback", over 2000 successful transactions, "100% positive feedback", "Top Reviewer", have been awarded "power seller" and "eBay top-Rated Seller". Established eBay store sold!  Contact new management

New sales representation, administration and ownership by Edwin Silva of Silva Enterprises in Mesa, AZ. The store name will remain as "Mansfield Designs eBay Store", customers will receive the same quality products and workmanship that they are accustomed to from Mansfield Designs. We will continue to supply ebay customers and promote the ebay store together with our marketing department, all for a small percentage of sales. New Management



Mansfield Designs eBay store
Our eBay store has been a great selling tool for the past 8 years. Our customers check our 100% ebay feedback, whether they are buying directly from us or from one of our websites just because it is easily available. This is a rare opportunity to own an established jewelry store with the best feedback and customer track record. There is officially 1545 that ebay recorded transactions, it also shows we have left feedback for 1889 transactions. All together we have made over 2000 successful transactions on ebay with a 100% feedback record.

Why did we sale?
About a year ago we had a large amount of sales (over $40k) trough one of our jewelry websites. This website was linked to PayPal for payment processing. About 8 weeks after the transactions were completed and the jewelry shipped overseas PayPal started charging back most of the transactions because they were being disputed. See International Merchant Alert for more details. After we acquired a very large negative balance, PayPal agreed to be paid $1000 per month. Four months later they close our business account because we had a negative balance for over 120 days. ...and our payback agreement?  ...there is nothing we can do until the balance is paid in full!

After PayPal closed our account we have been doing a lot less business because most ebay customers insist on using PayPal. ebay is making it harder every year to operate with out their sister company PayPal, they want to keep all those fees in the family!

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