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Beverage coaster with device for emptying accumulated liquid

This product is for anyone who uses a glass with ice. The problem is that that beverage you are drinking should end up in your mouth, and it should not leave a trail of drops trough your clothing, fine furniture, paperwork, or electronics.

Water condensation runs down from the top of the glass where ice sits, and then accumulates where it makes contact with the coaster. Once the glass is lifted it carries water on the bottom and outer perimeter. When you tilt the glass to drink it is unavoidable that the moisture will concentrate on the lowest point of the glass and it will cause it to drip from there every time you drink!

Another challenge is when you pick up a coaster with a water puddle left from a glass; you have to be careful not to spill on the furniture or on the way to clean it.

Coasters generally provide the function of a plate, they hold water trough an outer rim, and/or a series of cavities on the surface. Some coasters do have absorption like those made of cardboard, cork and even sandstone.

This coaster takes it to the next level; it works better then any other coaster with the fastest absorption ratio ever seen in coaster performance. Nothing works like this coaster, when water drips to the bottom of the glass; the sponge immediately absorbs it. There is no water accumulating anywhere on the bottom of the glass since it is in contact with the sponge it actually draws the excess moisture into the coaster constantly.

This is a specialty designed and patented beverage coaster composed of:

  A top surface built to support a full beverage container with paralleled grooves and open drain slots.

         An inner chamber including a moisture-absorbing layer, such as a sponge raising trough the parallel groves and sitting about a millimeter above the top surface to quickly absorb liquid.

        A plastic sheet below the moisture-absorbing layer seals the bottom of the inner chamber.

        A hard flat sheet sits below the plastic with a raised button on the underside used for draining.

        The bottom surface includes an opening for the push button drainage system.

The beverage coaster includes an innovative device allowing the user to drain the accumulated liquids by compressing the moisture-absorbing layer forcing the removal of liquid through the drain holes.


This coaster will outperform all other coasters in the market as far as absorption, appearance and versatility.

Making this design in larger sizes and different shapes crates new uses where a plate and/or a cloth napkin are being currently used for lack of better product availability.

  • Buffet & dinner tables - underneath iced bowls or pitcher for cold food and beverage.
  • Bars & any type of serving area where it catches spills and no need to wipe.
  • Refrigerators & water coolers - catches spills and makes it very simple to drain.
  • Promotions coasters with company logos are commonly used in the beverage industry.

This coaster will outperform all other coasters in the market as far absorption, looks and versatility.

Top view of coaster:

Bottom view of coaster:

Aquarian Coaster Specks


Well-ventilated grill design with large open slots to help ventilate the sponge and increase its contact with the glass. Grill sits inside an outer rim.


Top half of the sidewall need to have ventilation holes. Single or double openings like wave style similar to logo. Finish can be brushed stainless.


Non-Skid surface incorporates black rubber into design with shiny metal. Similar to logo, two parallel waves separated by black space.

Beveled and high polished finish with a grove with rubber to make a non-skid surface for the glass to sit on. Rubber is should be ok for hot drinks also.


Black Natural & long lasting anti-microbial sponge. Made from Bamboo fivers & black polymer and micro-encapsulated with Tea Tree Oil for longer lasting performance. Tea Tree Oil kills fungus and retards mold and mildew. Sponge need to be smaller in diameter to allow a small ventilation area all around inside the coaster.

Sponge size: 3.5 diameter, 0.25 tall.


Lower half needs to have a seal to prevent from leaking. Seal goes up to where the design starts. Thin flexible plastic sheet.


Top: Groves on surface with a water repellent finish. Groves help divert pressure to remove water and activate anti-microbial treatment. Small rim same size as the sponge to keep it in place.

Bottom: has a raised button on the center.


Top: Threaded rim to screw on to the TOP securely. Hole in center to accommodate push button system.

Bottom: Non-Skid surface and an opening to push the button.

Patent No. US 8376304 B2



PATENT: US 8376304 B2



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