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The Oil Driver

The “oil driver” is a cooking oil applicator for the hot grates of the grill prior to grilling food. This will prevent food from sticking or burning on to the grates and will make nice, even and tastier grill marks on the food.

Most common way to oil your hot grill is to first brush it clean then apply oil with a saturated paper towel using thongs. This is time consuming and impractical to do on a regular basis.

Normally I will grill 3-4 times per week and oiling my grill is the least exciting part of the process. So I started thinking and searching for available tools for this step. The few tools I found are not practical or sophisticate enough: Stainless steel dish with towels to dip in oil, disposable wipes, oil sprayers etc.

So the idea behind the oil driver is practicality! Once you’ve brushed your grill, you run the oiling rig over it and you’re ready to grill on a non-stick surface. No mess no fuss! Do it over and over again until you have to refill the tank. Stand up the Oil Driver to see the oil level in the tank. Depending on how frequently you grill it could last you many months or a year.

Product Design & Features

The design is obviously inspired by a golf club, it makes the oil tank look more sporty and aerodynamic. The design will be very appealing to the end user. The most popular gift ideas for Father's Day and Christmas are golf and grill related gifts. The combination of both of this will appeal to most people shopping for their Dad, Uncle, husband, brother or Grandpa.

The Oil Driver is composed of several innovative features:

  • Pleasing design on an all stainless steel body
  • Large capacity storage tank for cooking oil
  • Filling spout includes o-ring to ensure a tight seal
  • Level window with marked FULL, MED and LOW level oil content
  • Control knob with OFF position and LOW to HIGH oil flow adjustment
  • interior gears and rubber seal operate the flow adjustments 
  • Interchangeable fire retardant scouring pad applicator
  • Black cover protects from unwanted oil contact when not in use


Preparing for the first time you use the Oil Driver: 

  1. Make sure the switch is on the OFF positions.
  2. Remove the filling cap with a screw driver.
  3. Fill the tank with any type of cooking oil (use the included funnel)
  4. Replace the cap on tightly.
  5. Open the switch to the full position.
  6. Remove the cap and run the Oil Driver over a clean cold grill until you see the oil flowing on to the grates.

This preparation is only done once to moisten the applicator pad. To refill the tank repeat steps 1 through 4.


How to use the Oil Driver:

  1. Warm up your grill as normal.
  2. Brush all debris from your grill grates using your grill brush.
  3. Remove the cap from the oiling rig, open the flow knob to LOW, and run the oil driver over the hot grill grates from side to side.
  4. Move the knob to the OFF position and run the Oil Driver over the grill grates one more time, this will remove the excess oil on the applicator pad
  5. Replace the cap before store the Oil Driver.
  6. Place your food on the hot clean, non-stick, freshly oiled grill grates.


Long term use the Oil Driver:

  • Using the Oil Driver regularly on the grill grates will make brushing your grates clean easier. 

  • After continuous use, the applicator pad will slowly become saturated with a black tar like grease that will interrupt the flow of oil to the grates. Adjust the flow level accordingly. 

  • When the pad becomes completely saturated, remove it to be degreased or replaced with a new replacement pad attachment.






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